Saturday, August 8, 2009

Journal 3-7 Aug 2009

3 August 2009


Breakfast: oatmeal/strawberry yogurt, 2 x GJ, Protein Shake

Lora Call: She had her headset on. She was tired from traveling back from Keene, NH.

Bible Reading: Leviticus 13-14; God taking care of his people, teaching them how to live, what is clean and unclean.

Purchased an internet booster antenna for $60 in the hopes of better connectivity when internet restored.

Lunch: Pastrami and Swiss wrap with lettuce, tomato, onion and garlic mustard sauce. Fruit salad. V-8 and GJ

Dinner: Turkey breast, dressing, glazed carrots, fruit salad, 2 x V-8

4 August 2009

Lora Call: Got her on Skype today. She’s ordering webcams for both of us. She’s loving her life at the trailer and with the dogs. She joined WOW (fitness center).


Breakfast: Oatmeal/mixed berry yogurt. 2 x grapefruit juice, Protein Shake

Received some nice validation from Maj Violand, the new S2. He liked the product I gave yesterday and was impressed how fast I had turned it around.

Bible Reading: Leviticus 15-17

Lunch: Fried catfish, cauliflower, green beans, fruit salad, 2 x V-8

Dinner: Turkey Roast, dressing, glazed carrots, fruit salad, 2 x V-8

5 August 2009

Lora Call: Skype is working well!


Breakfast: oatmeal/strawberry yogurt, 2 x GJ, Protein Shake

Lunch: Grilled Salmon, broccoli, peas/mushrooms, 2 x V-8, water

Bible reading: Leviticus 18-21

Got a box from Mom with lots of reading material, nuts and beef jerky. Thanks Mom!

Supper: Turkey Breast, tossed salad, thousand island dressing, strawberries, 2 x V-8

6 August 2009

Lora Call: She’s already in bed.


Called Jaci, Mom: Jaci may go to Colorado w her friend Hannah.

Breakfast: oatmeal / peach yogurt, GJ, OJ, Protein Shake

Laundry $5

Melody made some Nilagong Baka for me today, since I had told her I was sick (boiled beef strips, onion, lettuce, salt pepper)

Lunch: Black-eyed peas, Steamed Mixed veggies, cottage cheese w applesauce, 2 x V-8

From “Expect Good Things” a book sent by Mom:
“Don’t give up, don’t give in to feelings of failure; doubts come and go, just as seasons do… when all that is good seems lost, remember that life is a circle, and promise is on the horizon.”
“Set a gold and keep on track, don’t let life’s misfortunes make you doubt your course… press on, diligence and hard work never go unrewarded, and dreams really do come true.”

Got a box from Lora with my Israeli sandals, some gum and some vitamin C cough drops.

Supper: Small pieces of grilled fish and prime rib, carrots, succotash, 2 x V-8

Bible Study: The Purpose Driven Life, Chapter 26

August 7, 2009

Lora Call: good chat...


Breakfast: oatmeal/mixed berry yogurt, 2 x GJ, coffee

Snack: Handful peanuts

Lunch: Tuna salad wrap, cold veggie salad, fruit salad, olives, V-8, OJ

Got foam mattress from Lora today! Will be some much better sleeping, now!

Snack: Handful peanuts

Dinner: two small lobstah tails, tossed salad, thousand island dressing, strawberries and vanilli ice cream

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