Thursday, July 30, 2009

28 July 2009

0445 Lora Call: She was beat from 3 days of getting ready for and visiting with Michael Dunkley, and Katrina/George. She went to sleep around 9PM right after we talked about nothing stuff for 30 minutes. I love her so much.

0515 Workout

0615ish Breakfast: Oatmeal/mixed berry yogurt. 2 x grapefruit juice (these juice boxes are 200 ml each. Ate with Chaplain Brad West – we discussed The Purpose Driven Life and the Chaplaincy at Fort Drum, NY.

Work: Nothing on email. Nothing at the 0730 meeting. I went and got my three boxes which came in yesterday: One from Lora, One from Mom and the last of three I sent myself back on June 29. Of course, Ray Robison had to forward them all to me from Jalalabad adding an unknown number of days.

Snack: Almond Sesame Seed Bora Bora Bar.

Anyone reading this who wants to send food items to me, send Bora Bora bars! You can find them on Any flavor is fine!

So, the one from Mom had lots of reading material (magazine articles), a couple puzzle books, some postcards from Central Coast California, but what I cherished most were the three letters she had written. She asks in all three if there is anything I want or need: cookies, for instance, but not homemade she is careful to point out. My mom says some of the cutest things.

She asks the question in her letter of 17 July, “Do we ever know during our life what real happiness is?” I believe that everyone defines what happiness is for them. The apostle Paul writes in Philippians 4:11-12, “Not that I speak in respect of want, for I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content. I know how to be abased, and I know how to abound everywhere and in all things I am instructed both to be full and to be hungry, both to abound and to suffer need.” Note, his use of the word ‘learned’. Paul learned how to be content which to me implies we should take an active part in being happy/content. Happiness eludes those who do not actively seek it and learn to be content no matter what the circumstances. So, Mom: That’s my answer and I’m sticking to it. J

I decided that I would keep all the reading material together and take it to the stall every time and read a little each visit. Today, I read the July 19-25, 2009 First Baptist Dallas newsletter: Dr. Robert Jeffress, Pastor, says that Criswell College is spinning off FBD. I wonder why? I read a page on “Five Things We Learned from Books This Month”: you should glue a bunch of oyster shells to your fireplace mantel to achieve a ‘dazzling focal point’ effect. We can blame 1960’s A&W for bacon on hamburgers: as if they weren’t fattening enough already. And, my favorite, a blurb on a book called ‘Deeply Rooted’ in which unconventional farmers bring their intellects, consciences, and concerns for the future to their work. I read an article about ‘seven stylish campsites that allow travelers to embrace their inner Thoreau – without actually roughing it.’ My favorite campsite name is the Huckleberry Tent & Breakfast of Clark Fork, Idaho. There’s a big animal skin on the bed… And finally, an article about some people who moved from their ‘hectic Fort Worth, Texas existence for a slower pace’ by moving into a Hill Country barn. It does not resemble a barn, now, but there are some cool decorating ideas, such as, bull horn towel hooks. So, I will read a little and comment on it each day or each bowel movement, depending on what kind of day it is…

Lora’s box: took me 23 minutes to separate the toothpicks from the Papaya Extract tablets which had mostly all come to rest in the bottom of the box. Some were in the already opened boxes of Bora Bora bars, some were in the protein shaker bottle, which, incidentally, turned out to be a great separating device! Very happy to get all she sent, though. She is such a good wife. I really can’t complain. Oh, I can, but I’d be lying. She is absolutely the best wife I could ask for. She hates shopping. She loves me. She likes being around me. She loves my family. She is creative and insightful. She loves God – and that one is HUGE!!! A woman who loves and wants to please God is a woman to keep around… No nagging, no selfishness, no woe is me – she is darn near the perfect woman!

1030ish Bible Reading: Exodus 26-29; For the first time, while reading all the regulations and preparations God required of the Hebrews and of Moses and Aaron, I got the feeling that God was being specific because He could and wanted there to be no doubt what was expected and also wanted to give the people the opportunity to do the right thing according to his word.

Lunch: General Tso’s Chicken (half-portion), steamed mixed veggies, collard greens, fruit salad, V-8, orange juice. Dined w the Gonzalez’. We discussed submarine anchors, Talcuhano, Chile, One Ton Tomatoes, and other stuff.

Bought the big bed spread and pillow cases and small rug and a jeweled frog that opens to store stuff and two dolphin bookends made out of some sort of carved stone. $42. Sending the small rug, frog and another purchase to Lora (see picture.)

Forgot to take picture of frog before packing…

1430ish The Purpose Driven Life Reading: Not read, today.

1600 Lora Call (0730 her time)

Dinner: Cheese enchilada, very small turkey leg, tossed salad, strawberries, 2 small V-8s

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