Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Journal July 26, 2009

26 July 2009

Breakfast: Instant Oatmeal w strawberry yogurt, 2 x grapefruit juice, coffee.

Had instant oats this morning since breakfast line was not open, yet. Got up early to call Lora. Missed her. She picked up Michael, grabbed a bite, then stopped at Larry/Laura’s where Joe/Maureen were. Michael was mostly beat and wanted to turn in. He is starting a company that does interactive applications via the web. Quite the innovator and entrepreneur. Later, Katrina and George are coming over for light lunch, meeting and early supper. They are bringing Lucas’ crate, also. While I was talking w Lora, I was standing outside. I saw a large yellow dog come around the corner, then another large black dog. There were no human escorts. I gave them a wide berth and came back into my B-hut. I will bring this up at the next homeowner’s association meeting. There are big passive traps out there, but they aren’t set.

Chapel Service: Sin. Romans 5:12, Genesis 1:1, Isaiah 29:16, Romans 1:20, Colossians 1:16-17, Genesis 1:25-27, 28. We were designed in the image of God. We are his Creation and under his Authority and Rule. Autonomy or self-law breaks this pattern. The lie, “You will be like God” was satan’s lie to himself and to man that caused both to fall (Isaiah 14 show Lucifer’s fall and Genesis 3 shows man’s fall.) “I will be like God,” is the heart of sin. 2 concepts of sin: Missing the mark (practical) and Rebellion (personal).

Bible Reading: Exodus 14-18; Moses initially complained to God that he would not be able to speak to Pharaoh. Some preachers have said this may have been because he had a speech impediment. Yet, in chapter 15 he breaks out into song in front of the whole assembly of Hebrews he just brought out of Egypt. Six hundred thousand men, alone! (see Exodus 12:37) So, I ask you, would a man with a speech impediment break out into song in front of what must have been over a million, probably almost TWO million people?? Evidently, that was the first rock concert. Who in modern times has drawn two million at one event? I ask you. I know, I know, he was singing to God because his heart was full of thanks. I would, too. Notice in chapter 16 when the Israelites complained about not having any flesh or bread to eat as they did in Egypt, what God provided them: flesh and bread. When they cried out because of thirst, He opened the first mineral water stand in Horeb (chapter 17.) Then he made Moses raise his arms so that Joshua could defeat the Amaleks. When Moses put his arms down, the Amaleks dominated, but as soon as he showed his pits, they started losing. Was that the first time a biological weapon (Moses’ pits) was used in warfare? I stay up at night pondering these issues…

Lunch: grilled turkey, fruit salad, steamed broccoli, V-8, gatorade

Dinner: Chicken stir fry, 2 chicken wings, pinto beans, steamed mixed vegetables, V-8, grapefruit juice, strawberries

Lora entertained Michael Dunkley, and Katrina and George today, from 1000-2030. They had a light salad, went to the meeting, then back for steaks and roasted potatoes on the grill and strawberry shortcake. Joe, Maureen, Larry and Laura came over for dessert and stayed until around 2130. Lora and Michael were beat! Michael leaves tomorrow with Lucas, the PBGV.

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