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Journal 21-27 September

21 Sep 09
Bible Reading: I Samuel 4-6
TAPA: 1780, Benedict Arnold betrays his country when he gave the British information that could allow them to capture the American fort at West Point on the Hudson River in New York. His British accomplice was captured, however, before he could provide the information to British Forces. Arnold did this because he was resentful at promotions of other officers and hungered for money to support the lifestyle he and his young wife enjoyed. He died in England in 1801, scorned by many even there.
Workout: 60 mins on elliptical (5 miles); sit ups, stretching
Breakfast: Protein Shake, oatmeal w mixed berry yogurt, coffee
Lunch: Tuna salad wrap, fruit salad, V-8, diet coke
Letter from Lora: Joshua 1:7-9, 18 “Be strong and of good courage” good words to live by.
Box from Cousin Nancy : Cracker Jack (3), Sunflower Seeds (2 big bags), Beef Jerky (big bag), Twizzlers (big bag) and the piece de resistance: Home Made Brownies!!! (ate two right away – very delicious and still moist!) Thanks, Nancy!
Supper: Taco salad, V-8, Gatorade

22 Sep 09
Bible Reading: I Samuel 7-9
TAPA: 1776, Nathan Hale hanged by British in New York City for spying. His last words: “I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country.”
Breakfast: oatmeal w peach yogurt, coffee
Lunch: Chili con carne over rice, grilled cheese, pickles, fruit salad, V-8, diet coke, brownie
Supper: Chicken wings, pork and beans, onion rings, grapes, V-8, diet coke (felt good to eat bad!)

23 Sep 09
Bible Reading: I Samuel 10-12
TAPA: 1779, John Paul Jones declares from the decks of the foundering Bonhomme Richard, “I have not yet begun to fight!” after British forces on Serapis asked if he was ready to surrender. Jones and the Richard went on to defeat Serapis.
Workout: 60 mins (5 miles) elliptical; sit ups, stretching
Breakfast: oatmeal w strawberry yogurt, coffee
Lunch: Chicken wrap, fruit salad, crab salad, V-8, diet coke
Box from Jaci and Jordan: 2 UMKC Shirts, 1 UT shirt, a Bulldog book, Cards, and a very nice picture of Jaci in a frame w an anchor on it!!
Box from Mom and Jim: Altoids, Chapstick, Playing cards (w Maxine on them), Floss sticks, Kleenex, Almonds, Quaker Crispy Oat Bars (strawberry!), Books: Glenn Beck’s Common Sense, Garth Stein’s The Art of Racing in the Rain, Magazines: National Geographic and Sports Illustrated
Box 2 from Mom and Jim: Nutrition Nuts, Warm socks, Brown Old Rye shirt (really comfy!), some clothes hanging devices, a cable turtle, some toothpaste, assorted newspaper articles, a nice bookmark, a tee-shirt and pair of pants, magazines and a pencil from Mrs. C’s Class. Quite a haul from The Felkners!!!
Supper: Polish sausage and sauerkraut, corn/bean/pepper salad, grapes, onion rings, V-8, Gatorade
Massage ($30 with $10 tip); Gave $50 for Filipino meal ingredients

24 Sep 09
Bible Reading: I Samuel 13-14
TAPA: Not a banner day for Americana, but in 1789, Congress passed the Judiciary Act, establishing the U.S. Supreme Court and federal judicial system.
Workout: 60 mins (5 miles) elliptical; sit ups, stretching
Breakfast: oatmeal w mixed berry yogurt, coffee
Lunch: Tuna wrap, fruit salad, corn/bean/pepper salad, V-8
Peach-banana smoothie ($4 with $1 tip)
Supper: Pork chop suey, broccoli, carrots, V-8
Bought Mike Hoffheinz’ Bosch Tassimo Suprema Hot Beverage System and 30 T-disks of various coffees as he was summarily dismissed by the Brigade Intelligence Support Element for “conduct unbecoming” for a civilian contractor and “mistreatment of soldiers of low rank” through intimidation of ideas. I bear no ill will toward him, and he is happy to be leaving.

25 Sep 09
Bible Reading: I Samuel 15-17
TAPA: 1775, Patriot Ethan Allen is captured by the British during an attack on Montreal. 1789, Congress sends twelve amendments to the Constitution to the states for ratification; ten are later ratified and become the Bill of Rights.
Workout: 60 mins (5 miles) elliptical; sit ups, stretching
Breakfast: oatmeal w mixed berry yogurt, coffee
Lunch: Pastrami and Provolone wrap, fruit salad, noodle salad, V-8, diet coke
Ice copy ($5 with $3 tip)
Manicure ($12 with $5 tip)
Supper: Crab legs, crab cakes, corn on cob, broccoli, V-8, turtle ice cream

26 Sep 09
Bible Reading: I Samuel 18-19
TAPA: 1774, John Chapman, a.k.a. Johnny Appleseed, is born in Leominster, Massachusetts. 1789, George Washington names Thomas Jefferson as the first Secretary of State.
Workout: 60 mins (5 miles) elliptical; sit ups, stretching
Breakfast: oatmeal w mixed berry yogurt, coffee
Lunch: Chicken quesadilla, cheese enchilada, chili beans, kidney bean and corn salad, fruit cocktail, V-8, diet coke
Massage ($30 with $10 tip)
Supper: Spaghetti w polish sausage and tomato sauce, cheese tortellini, V-8, turtle ice cream w fruit cocktail

27 Sep 09
Bible Reading: I Samuel 20-22
TAPA: 1777, Lancaster, Pennsylvania becomes the national capitol for one day as Congress flees from British-held Philadelphia to York, Pennsylvania.
Breakfast: Three egg scramble w jalapenos and cheese, biscuit w gravy, mixed berry yogurt w fruit cocktail, pineapple juice. Ate with Dave, the ex-Marine, local national interpreter manager. He always asks about the Patriot Almanac quote of the day. Told him about Ethan Allan (25 Sep) and GW setting up TJ as SoS (26 Sep). He thinks I should form my own business…
Chapel service: Sanders led service. Theme was Maintaining Integrity using the Hebrews in the wilderness as examples.
Lunch: Chicken enchilada, “Maxican” rice (Afghanis can’t spell, I guess), refried beans, fruit salad, V-8, diet coke
Box 1 (Lora): pedicure stuff/magazine
Box 2 (Lora): coffee stuff/magazine
2 Cards from Lora: very nice. Made me watery.
Supper: BBQ Brisket, Carrots, Steamed mixed veggies, Strawberries, V-8
Here are a few projects I am working:
Tactical Conflict Assessment Framework (PowerPoint)
USAID TCAF (website)
Afghanistan’s Uncertain Transition argues that Afghanistan is still far from stability.
While the country has reestablished basic institutions of government, it has barely started to make them work. The government and its international supporters are challenged by a terrorist insurgency that has become more lethal and effective and that has bases in Pakistan, a drug trade that dominates the economy and corrupts the state, and pervasive poverty and insecurity. The Afghanistan Compact, approved in January 31, 2006, provides a road map for security, governance, and development over the next five years. The United States should take the lead in ensuring full funding and implementation of the Afghanistan Compact, and develop a coherent strategy toward the Afghanistan-Pakistan relationship. This strategy would entail pushing the Pakistani government to arrest Taliban leaders whose locations are provided by intelligence agencies and taking aggressive measures to close down the networks supporting suicide bombers.

My part in all this is to help develop the metrics for measuring success and failure of stability operations and then track and analyze the results.

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