Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Journal 24-30 August

24 August 2009

Bible Reading: Deut. 7-9

Money Spent: $2 (ice coppee); $3 peach/mango smoothie (celebrating the return of the internet)

Breakfast: oatmeal w mixed berry yogurt, Protein Shake (100 calories), iced Coffee

Lunch: tuna/egg salad wrap w the Montezuma hot sauce (wow!!! Thatsa spicia stuff!), fruit salad, diet pepsi

Dinner: Filipino chicken w pineapple, rice, puto

25 August 2009

Bible Reading: Deut. 10-12

Money Spent: $20 haircut / facial (but no eyebrow plucking!!!) Hey - you may be laughing, but I talked a the very male Navy SEAL lieutenant into a mani-pedi!

Breakfast: Protein Shake (100 calories), Coffee

Lunch: turkey wrap w lettuce, tomato, carrots, jalapenos, raisins, tuna, potato, ranch, heinz 57, fruit salad, V-8, diet coke

Supper: Filipino food: chicken, rice, noodles, Montezuma Hot Sauce! Fruit Salad

26 August 2009

Bible Reading: Deut. 13-15

Money Spent: $3 Strawberry/Banana smoothie, $1 tip

Breakfast: oatmeal w mixed berry yogurt, Protein Shake (100 calories), coffee

Lunch: Tuna salad wrap, fruit salad

Dinner: BBQ riblet tossed salad w Bleu Cheese

27 August 2009

Bible Reading: Deut. 16-18

Money Spent: $5 Laundry

Breakfast: Protein Shake, oatmeal w mixed berry yogurt, Coffee

Lunch: turkey wrap w lettuce, tomato, onion, ranch, heinz 57, fruit
salad, V-8, Snapple Tea

Supper: catfish, cauliflower, pasta salad, strawberries, Snapple

Bible Study: The Purpose Driven Life, Chapter 29

28 August 2009

Got severe diarrhea in the night. Helluva way to wake up – barely made it outside. Did NOT make it to the toilet 100 yards away.

Bible Reading: Deut. 19-21

Money Spent: $3 Smoothie

Breakfast: sesame raisin bar

Lunch: sesame raisin bar

Dinner: mango smoothie; Czech doctor gave me immodium and local antibiotics... the directions on the box were in Czech. No, wait, it was just upside down..

29 August 2009

Bible Reading: Deut. 23-25

Money Spent: $3 Smoothie

Breakfast: Sausage biscuit, cranberry juice

Lunch: Peach/mango smoothie (just ice and fruit in these smoothies... more of a fruit slushee); cream of mushroom soup, grilled cheese

Supper: Filipino food: beef machado, chicken tossino, puto, leche flan

Sang "Sir Duke" and "Georgia on My Mind" karaoke along with MSgt Gonzalez, Michael Hoffenheifer (grossly misspelled) and most of the Filipinos. Herbert, aka Cristal, serenaded me with “Thank You” and Melody sang to me as well - I forgot the title, something about not wanting to be alone… These Filipino women have young children back in the PI and do not have husbands for one reason or another. These women work hard and send the money home while their children are raised by other family members. Tough life, but their choice.

30 August 2009

Bible Reading: Deuteronomy 25-27

Money Spent: $0

Breakfast: sausage biscuit, strawberry yogurt, GJ, coffee

Chapel service. “Caleb: Finishing Strong” Joshua 14:6-15
A Different Spirit: Vv8-9 Followed the Lord wholeheartedly; Numbers 14:20-25 Different Spirit: 2 out of a million Threw his all into following God
A Different Perspective: Num 13:26-30 Perspective of fear, perspective of faith, Caleb’s conviction was that Israelites would prevail.
A Different Ethic: Joshua 14:10-11 85 years old, no easy life, no retirement, ready to do battle, a man of faith, had seen what God could do whereas many had seen but not believed. (What has God done in my life?) Had believed God would defeat enemies, and later believed that God would drive out the Anakites.
Caleb expected God to act and prevail, he was in partnership with God, he wanted to be involved in God’s work/plan: God has a plan that includes me and my time in AFG.
Caleb was willing to do his part: in God’s work, followed God wholly (followed God’s orders, not just asked for what he wanted.)
Like Caleb, in transitions – follow God wholly with intent and attitude of finishing strong.

Lunch: Chicken and Rice, Corn, Collard Greens, V-8, diet coke

Box 1 (Lora): Odetah hat, Air Freshener, Pumpkin Seeds (could I get a return authorization on those, please), Hawaiian Money Folding Book
Box 2 (Lora): Universe Atlas, swiffer, wash cloths, miracle foot repair
Box 3 (Gayla Kinder): The American Patriot's Almanac (Gayla is one of mom's high school friends whose son and daughter were 1 year behind and 2 years ahead of me.)

Supper: didn’t write it down, but who really cares at this point what the hell I had for supper on 30 August??? :)

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