Friday, September 11, 2009

Journal 31 Aug - 6 Sep

Based on what I have seen, learned and read I have an opinion on US involvement in Afghanistan. I can certainly see why we did not stand idly by while the Taliban (TB) shunned women. I can understand why we got involved in order to provide more security and freedom to those who did not believe or practice as did the TB. I can even understand, from a US AND a global perspective why a more stable Afghanistan is a good thing: it’s the least expensive path for oil and gas pipelines from the land-locked Central Asian Republics (CARs). What I don’t understand is why it took so long for us to act: then I looked back at the history of US policy toward TB since the collapse of the Soviet Union. Up until almost 2000, US policy was to side with TB in the hopes they would be the ruling organization in AFG, in spite of what we knew about their beliefs and practices and continued to learn. This stand was against all CARs and Iran and Pakistan and Russia and other Anti-TB nations. It was also US policy to “turn the other cheek” when blatantly attacked (embassy and WTC bombings of the early 1990s for which we provided a very limited, narrow response.) This made us weak in the eyes of the TB (and Al-Qada) – so, they never took us seriously and blew us up again: 09/11/2001. US policy quickly changed to a much more aggressive posture against terrorism wherever it was found a threat to national security (Iraq) and an affront to human rights (AFG). So, let’s go to AFG. Now, eight years later, TB is out of power and mostly conducting hit and run or guerilla warfare tactics with remote-detonated IEDs, shooting from mosques, dressing as women – many cowardly, yet effective attacks.

31 August 2009

Bible Reading: Deut. 28

Breakfast: oatmeal w mixed berry yogurt, Protein Shake

Lunch: grilled chicken wrap, fruit salad, V-8

Dinner: taco salad, diet pepsi

01 September 2009

Bible Reading: Deut. 29-30

Money Spent: $60 Roshan Calling Cards; Ice Coppee

Breakfast: Protein Shake, oatmeal w strawberry yogurt

Lunch: turkey wrap, fruit salad, V-8, diet pepsi

Supper: Chicken Enchiladas, veggie salad, fruit salad, V-8

02 September 2009

Bible Reading: Deut.31-32

Money Spent: $2 ice coppee, $1 tip

Breakfast: oatmeal w strawberry yogurt, Protein Shake

Lunch: Pastrami/provolone wrap, fruit salad, veggie salad, V-8, diet coke

Dinner: Chicken/broccoli Chinese style, steamed veggies, strawberries,V-8, snapple

03 September 2009

Bible Reading: Deut. 23-Joshua 1

Money Spent: $4 ice coppee; $2 tip (bought one for Christal, an army interrogator who was having a bad day...)

Breakfast: Protein Shake, oatmeal w mixed berry yogurt, Coffee

Lunch: Grilled trout, broccoli, mac & cheese, black-eyed peas, fruit salad, V-8, Snapple Tea

Supper: Turkey, dressing, carrots, yogurt, V-8, Snapple

Bible Study: The Purpose Driven Life, Chapter 30

04 September 2009

Bible Reading: Joshua 2-5

Money Spent: $2 ice coppee, $1 tip

Breakfast: Protein shake, Bora Bora Peanut Peanut bar

Lunch: Tuna salad wrap, pineapple czunks (that’s Czech for chunks), V-8, snapple lemon tea

Dinner: Lobstah tail, shrimp, salad, green beans, ice cream w strawberry drizzle and strawberries, V-8, Snapple.

05 September 2009

Bible Reading: Joshua 6-8

Money Spent: $20 massage, $10 tip

Breakfast: Protein shake, oatmeal/peach yogurt, snapple

Lunch: Baked salmon, vegetable lo mein, steamed mixed veggies, collard greens, fruit salad, V-8, Snapple tea

Supper: Pasta, grapes, 2 x V-8

06 September 2009

Bible Reading: Joshua 9-10

Breakfast: Omelet, biscuit/gravy, coffee

Chapel service: God is the god of the Unexpected. Ex 2-4. Moses lived 40 years in Pharoah’s house; 40 years in desert around Midian as shepherd; 40 years in wilderness with Hebrews.

Lunch: Tuna salad wrap, cold veggie salad, fruit salad, V-8, Snapple

Supper: forgot.

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